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Cornerstone Capital Advisors is passionate about all forms of capital financing, but we have a special appreciation for assisting educators, directors, and daycare specialists in owning their own facilities. Purchasing a day care or preschool facility is a dream for many and with Cornerstone Capital Advisors, we can make it a reality for you! Join the 100 centers across the United States that we have assisted in realizing this dream.

Over the last twenty one years, Cornerstone Capital Advisors has closed over 200 million dollars in acquisition and refinancing dollars for new and existing owners of daycare and pre-schools throughout the United States. Throughout that time, we have worked with leased and owned real estate centers, large and small lenders, and Small Business Administration (SBA) and conventional loans. We are experts when it comes to SBA loans and can assess eligibility quickly to determine our clients’ best financing option.

Other financial teams might be able to scrape together funding for their preschool and day care clients, but few others have the breadth of experience handling loans for this specific type of business. It’s our niche. We understand the language of schools and educators and can communicate it to banks and credit decision makers to make funding these types of schools a painless process. Put us to the test today!

Secure A Building For Your Preschool

Owning a preschool or daycare business is an exciting goal, but it can also be complex and intimidating. That’s why working with an experienced and knowledgeable partner to guide you through the process is so important. Cornerstone Capital Advisors is a corporate finance advisory company that specializes in helping people achieve their dream of securing their very own preschool or daycare building. With our expertise, you can be sure that your preschool business will have the necessary resources to succeed.

We’ll Hold Your Hand

At Cornerstone Capital, we understand that starting a new business is an involved process. That’s why we make sure to work closely with you every step of the way. From finding the right building location and funding options to understanding the regulations, taxes, and insurance obligations associated with running a preschool business, our team guides you through the entire process.

From start to finish, Cornerstone Capital provides valuable assistance to help ensure success for your preschool or daycare business. We have experience in helping many individuals and organizations realize their dreams of owning their own building – so why not make your dream a reality with their help? Reach out to our team at Cornerstone Capital today and learn how we can get you on your way to owning a successful preschool or daycare business.

The 5 Steps To Owning Your Preschool With Cornerstone Capital

1. Consultation: Reach out to a professional from Cornerstone Capital to discuss your plans for owning and operating a preschool or daycare facility. During the consultation, you’ll be asked questions about your goals, budget, timeline, and other related information. This will help determine the best course of action for financing and structuring your business.


2. Financial Analysis: After the initial consultation, Cornerstone Capital will perform a financial analysis to determine what type of financing would be most appropriate for you.


3. Financing Options: Based on the financial analysis, Cornerstone Capital will present you with various financing options for your preschool or daycare. This could include SBA financing, traditional bank loans, investor capital, or other financing strategies.

You’ll be able to explore different interest rates, repayment terms, and other details of each option.


4. Structuring Your Business: Once you decide on a financing option, Cornerstone Capital will help you structure the deal and set up your business properly. This could include setting up a limited liability company (LLC), choosing a business entity structure, or other steps that will protect your personal assets and ensure compliance with local laws.


5. Loan Closing: After you’ve chosen the best financing option and structured your business, Cornerstone Capital will facilitate the loan approval and closing process in a timely and efficient manner.


By working with Cornerstone Capital, you can rest assured that your journey in owning a preschool or daycare facility will be smooth and hassle-free.

SBA Loans For Day Cares & Pre Schools

Business Acquisition With Real Estate

  • Rates Starting at 5.5%
  • 25-30-Year Terms
  • Fixed and Variable Rates
  • Up to 90% Loan To Value

Business Acquisition With No Real Estate

  •  Rates – Prime + 2.75%
  • 10-Year Terms
  •  90 % Loan to Value


Contact us to set up a quick 30-minute conference call in which we will discuss your financing goals and come up with a strategy for how best to move forward. Whether you’re interested in acquisition, refinancing, or ground-up construction, allow our experts to assist.

$200 Million

in funding secured for preschools and day care centers.

100 Center Acquisitions

and mergers funded across the United States.

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