Equipment Financing

For some businesses, the largest barrier to entry is acquiring the right equipment. There can be a huge difference between cheap equipment right now and the right equipment when you need it. Many business owners simply don’t have the upstart funds to invest in all of the equipment needed for even the most basic operations. Restauranteurs, AG operations, manufacturing, medical professionals, those working with heavy machinery and more may need a huge influx of startup capital so they can purchase the tools required to make their business a success.

That’s why Cornerstone Capital Advisors offers a special line of equipment financing called our Equipment and Term Loans.

What Would Your Business Be Without The Proper Equipment?

In business, the right equipment can spell the difference between success and stagnation. From restaurateurs to agricultural operations, manufacturers to medical professionals, and heavy machinery-dependent businesses, top-quality equipment is vital. This becomes an even greater challenge for startup businesses that often grapple with securing the necessary funds to invest in critical equipment. Here at Cornerstone Capital Advisors, we understand these hurdles, and we have devised a solution with our specialized Equipment Financing Program.

Bulldoze Financial Barriers With Cornerstone Capital

Equipment Financing Programs can provide a lifeline to businesses facing tough economic times. Businesses may be unable to secure a loan or are limited in the amount they can borrow, leaving them without access to essential equipment and hampering their growth potential. With an Equipment Financing Program, businesses can break through these financial barriers and acquire the equipment they need.

Why Equipment Financing Is Crucial

The program is not just about funding. It’s about fueling potential, fostering growth, and facilitating success. With our Equipment Financing Program, businesses of all sizes can acquire the necessary equipment without crippling their cash flow or depleting their working capital. We achieve this through our tailored Equipment and Term Loans, which allow spreading payments over an extended period, making financial management more effective and sustainable.

Additional Loan Offerings

At Cornerstone Capital Advisors, we offer a comprehensive selection of loan options to meet the needs of businesses at various stages in their journey. Our Small Business Administration 90% LTV as well as our Commercial Real Estate Financing and Working Capital Loans are ideal for business owners looking to expand their operations or increase working capital. For companies seeking to grow through acquisition, our Mergers & Acquisitions services provide valuable advice and support.

Overview Of Cornerstone Capital Advisors' Equipment Financing Program

Our Equipment Financing Program is designed to be an ally of businesses, especially startups, that need to get their hands on essential equipment promptly. By preserving their working capital and facilitating manageable payments over a longer period, our program allows these businesses to remain financially agile and robust. Our Equipment and Term Loans make this possible, providing financial backing that understands and responds to the unique needs of every business.

Moreover, our program goes beyond just equipment acquisition. We aim to empower businesses to bypass financial hurdles that might restrict them from securing a loan or limit the borrowing amount, thereby denying them access to essential equipment and hindering their growth.

How The Equipment Financing Program Works

Embarking on the path to financial empowerment is straightforward. Start by contacting Cornerstone Capital Advisors and give us an insight into your business and its needs. One of our financial managers will then initiate a discussion to understand the best way forward and to establish the equipment financing terms that are ideal for your situation.

Who Our Equipment Financing Is For

Our program is an excellent fit for startup businesses, businesses eyeing expansion, or those in need of re-investment in equipment to bolster operations. The program is versatile, catering to a broad range of industries, including restaurants, agriculture, manufacturing, medical professionals, heavy machinery, and more.

Equipment Financing Options

We offer two key financing options: Equipment Financing Terms and Equipment Term Loans.

Equipment Financing Terms: We offer terms of up to seven years, with variable and fixed rate options. This gives businesses the flexibility they need to choose a plan that aligns with their specific needs.

Equipment Term Loans: Drawing on nearly two decades of experience, Cornerstone Capital Advisors excels at providing business owners with expert advice on lines of credit. We start by proposing these types of solutions for consideration, equipping businesses with the information they need to make an informed decision.

Navigating Through Uncertain Economic Climates

Our Equipment Financing Program is not just for smooth sailing but is designed to provide a lifeline during tough economic times. When businesses find themselves in choppy financial waters, unable to secure a loan, or restricted in the amount they can borrow, our program can serve as a lifesaver. By ensuring continued access to essential equipment, we help businesses stay afloat, thrive, and navigate toward success.

Expanding And Upgrading With Cornerstone Capital Advisors

Our Equipment Financing Program also empowers businesses to expand or upgrade their equipment at a faster pace than traditional financing routes allow. This means businesses can stay ahead of the curve, harness the latest technology, and increase overall operational efficiency, giving them a competitive edge.

Contact Cornerstone Capital Advisors Now

Cornerstone Capital Advisors’ Equipment Financing Program offers a comprehensive solution for businesses, particularly startups, that need to acquire equipment without the burden of significant upfront investment. The program enhances cash flow management and provides a roadmap to overcome financial barriers.

As a startup or growing business in need of equipment financing, we invite you to reach out to Cornerstone Capital Advisors. We’re more than just a financial institution; we’re partners invested in your success. With the right equipment in your hands, there are no limits to what your business can achieve, and we’re here to help you make it possible.

Remember, your success is our success, and together, we can build something extraordinary. Your business’s potential is vast, and with our Equipment Financing Program, we look forward to being part of your journey to success.

Equipment Financing Options

Financing Terms

We offer terms up to seven years with variable and fixed rate options depending on the situation.

Equipment Term Loans

Cornerstone Capital Advisors has been in business for almost two decades providing business owners like yourself with expert line of credit advice. We will start by providing these types of solutions for you to choose from.

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