Equipment Financing

Getting The Capital You Need

For some businesses, the largest barrier to entry is acquiring the right equipment. There can be a huge difference between cheap equipment right now and the right equipment when you need it. Many business owners don’t have the upstart funds to invest in the equipment needed for even the most basic operations. Restaurateurs, manufacturing, medical professionals, and those starting a new business may need a huge influx of startup capital to purchase the tools required to make their business successful.

That’s why Cornerstone Capital Advisors offers a special line of equipment financing called our Equipment and Term Loans.

What Would Your Business Be Without The Proper Equipment?

The right equipment can spell the difference between business success and stagnation. Large upfront purchases of these types of equipment become an even greater challenge for startup businesses that often grapple with securing the necessary funds to invest in critical equipment. At Cornerstone Capital Advisors, we understand these hurdles and have devised a solution with our specialized Equipment Financing Program.

Bulldoze Financial Barriers With Cornerstone Capital

Equipment Financing Programs can provide a lifeline to businesses facing tough economic times. Businesses may be unable to secure a loan or are limited in the amount they can borrow, leaving them without access to essential equipment and hampering their growth potential. With an Equipment Financing Program, businesses can break through these financial barriers and acquire the equipment they need.

Tools That Make The Difference?

Proper equipment can make the difference between business success and stagnation. High-quality equipment is essential, and the ability to access and utilize top-tier equipment directly influences productivity, efficiency, and the overall growth trajectory of a business.

Additional Loan Offerings

At Cornerstone Capital Advisors, we offer a comprehensive selection of loan options to meet the needs of businesses at various stages in their journey. Our Small Business Administration 90% LTV as well as our Commercial Real Estate Financing and Working Capital Loans are ideal for business owners looking to expand their operations or increase working capital. For companies seeking to grow through acquisition, our Mergers & Acquisitions services provide valuable advice and support.

The Role of Equipment in Key Industries

  • Restaurant Industry: Efficient kitchen appliances and modern cooking technology are critical for delivering high-quality food and exceptional customer service.
  • Agricultural Operations: Advanced machinery and equipment ensure effective farming practices, from planting to harvesting, directly impacting yield and profitability.
  • Manufacturing: State-of-the-art machinery and tools are essential for maintaining high production standards, ensuring quality control, and meeting market demands.
  • Medical Field: Cutting-edge medical equipment is indispensable for providing accurate diagnoses and effective treatments, ultimately enhancing patient care.
  • Heavy Machinery-Dependent Businesses: Robust and reliable heavy machinery is crucial for construction, mining, and other industrial sectors, where operational efficiency and safety are paramount.

Challenges Faced by Startups

For startup businesses, acquiring the necessary equipment presents a significant financial challenge. These businesses often struggle to secure the substantial upfront capital required to invest in critical equipment, which can impede their ability to compete and grow.

At Cornerstone Capital Advisors, we recognize the hurdles businesses face in acquiring essential equipment. To address these challenges, we offer our specialized Equipment Financing Program, designed to provide flexible and tailored financing solutions. Our program aims to:

  • Facilitate Access to High-Quality Equipment: Enable businesses to acquire the necessary equipment without the burden of large upfront costs.
  • Support Growth and Expansion: Provide the financial support needed to invest in equipment that drives operational efficiency and business growth.
  • Offer Customized Financing Solutions: Tailor financing options to meet the specific needs of each business, ensuring that they can obtain the equipment crucial for their success.

With our Equipment Financing Program, Cornerstone Capital Advisors is committed to empowering businesses to overcome financial barriers and achieve their full potential. Partner with us to ensure your business has the tools it needs to thrive.

Bulldoze Financial Barriers With Cornerstone Capital

Equipment Financing Programs is the lifeline to businesses facing turbulent economic times. Businesses unable to secure a loan are limited in the amount they can borrow, facing major shortcomings without access to essential equipment and hampering their growth potential. With our Equipment Financing Program, we work with you so your businesses can break through these financial barriers and acquire the necessary equipment you need when you need it.

Why Equipment Financing Is Crucial

The program is not just about funding. It’s about fueling potential, fostering growth, and facilitating success. With our Equipment Financing Program, businesses of all sizes can acquire the necessary equipment without limiting their cash flow or depleting their working capital. We achieve this through our tailored Equipment and Term Loans, which allow spreading payments over an extended period, making financial management more effective and sustainable.

Overview Of Cornerstone Capital Advisors' Equipment Financing Program

Our Equipment Financing Program is designed to be an ally of businesses, especially startups, needing to get their hands on essential equipment promptly. By preserving working capital and facilitating manageable payments over a longer period, our program allows these businesses to remain financially agile and robust. Our Equipment and Term Loans make this possible, providing financial backing that understands and responds to the unique needs of every business. 

Moreover, our program goes beyond just equipment acquisition. We aim to empower businesses to bypass financial hurdles restricting them from securing a loan or limit the borrowing amount, thereby denying them access to essential equipment and hindering their growth. 

Navigating Through Uncertain Economic Climates

Our Equipment Financing Program is not just for smooth sailing but is designed to provide a lifeline during tough economic times. When businesses find themselves in choppy financial waters, unable to secure a loan, or restricted in the amount they can borrow, our program can serve as a lifesaver. By ensuring continued access to essential equipment, we help businesses stay afloat, thrive, and navigate toward success.

Who Our Equipment Financing Is For

Whether you are a fledgling startup looking to acquire your first essential equipment or a well-established enterprise aiming to scale up and innovate, our financing options provide the support you need. By offering tailored solutions and expert guidance, we ensure businesses across various sectors can achieve their growth objectives efficiently and effectively.

How The Equipment Financing Program Works

Embarking on the path to financial empowerment is straightforward. Start by contacting Cornerstone Capital Advisors and providing insight into your business needs. Then, one of our financial managers will initiate a discussion to understand your goals and establish the ideal equipment financing terms for your situation.

Equipment Financing Options

We offer two key financing options: Equipment Financing Terms and Equipment Term Loans.

With up to seven-year terms and variable or fixed rates, our equipment financing plans align with your business needs. Cornerstone Capital Advisors, with nearly 20 years of experience, offers expert advice on lines of credit and provides solutions to help businesses make informed decisions.

Equipment Financing Terms vs. Equipment Term Loans

When considering options for acquiring necessary business tools, it is crucial to understand the difference between equipment financing terms and equipment term loans. Both enable businesses to obtain essential equipment but with distinct terms and benefits that can significantly impact your financial strategy.


Equipment Financing Terms are typically short to medium-term agreements tailored to the useful life of the financed equipment. These terms are often flexible and can be customized to align with the machinery or technology’s expected depreciation and life cycle. Calculated monthly payments remain manageable within your business’s budget, possibly including options for seasonal payment adjustments aligned with cash flow variations. 


Moreover, there’s often less stringent creditworthiness scrutiny since the financed equipment acts as collateral. This approach can expedite the approval process, making it particularly advantageous for businesses with limited credit history or requiring rapid equipment acquisition.


Equipment Term Loans function more like traditional loans but are specifically earmarked for purchasing equipment. These loans typically require  fixed interest rates and repayment over a predetermined period, usually several years. An equipment term loan may be less flexible than general equipment financing terms without accounting for the business’s seasonality or specific cash flow needs. However, term loans offer longer repayment periods, which is preferable for high-value equipment acquisitions. The approval process may involve more detailed credit evaluations and require significant collateral beyond the equipment being financed.

Understanding these differences help businesses choose the right financing option that aligns with their operational needs and financial goals. Equipment financing terms offer greater flexibility and faster access to necessary tools, but equipment term loans might benefit businesses with  longer repayment periods and potentially lower interest rates. By evaluating the specifics of each option, businesses optimize their financing strategies to maintain growth and competitiveness.

Navigating Through Uncertain Economic Climates

Our equipment financing options are not just for the good years but are designed to provide a lifeline during tough economic times. When businesses face financial challenges, difficulty securing a loan, or borrowing limitations, our program  crucial support. By facilitating access to essential equipment, we assist businesses in maintaining operations and navigating toward success.

Expanding And Upgrading With Cornerstone Capital Advisors

Our Equipment Financing Program also empowers businesses to expand or upgrade their equipment faster than traditional financing routes allow, keeping your business ahead of the curve. Harness the latest technology and increase operational efficiency with equipment loans from Cornerstone Capital Advisors to give yourself a competitive edge.

Experience the Personalized Service You Deserve with Cornerstone Capital Advisors

Our personalized approach to equipment financing ensures terms are designed to meet your unique needs. We recognize every business is different, and so are its financial needs. That’s why our financial managers take the time to understand your situation and tailor a financing plan supporting your long-term goals. This custom approach ensures you receive the right type of financial support and fosters a relationship based on trust and transparency.


Moreover, our streamlined application process reduces the hassle of securing financing. With a dedicated team guiding you through every step, from approval application to finalization, you can count on a smooth and efficient experience. Our financial managers are just a phone call or email away, ready to answer any questions and provide ongoing support as your business grows.


Another advantage of our program is the competitive rates we offer. We can provide highly favorable terms thanks to our extensive network of financial partners and deep understanding of the industry. Whether you choose a variable rate option that adapts to market conditions or a fixed rate for stable and predictable payments, you can be assured you are getting a deal aligning with your financial strategy.

Additionally, Cornerstone Capital Advisors keeps up with the latest trends and developments in equipment and financial markets. This proactive approach lets us advise our clients on the best times to upgrade or expand their equipment, maximizing their return on investment. Whether leveraging new technology or taking advantage of market conditions, our expert guidance ensures your business remains agile and competitive.

Additional Loan Offerings

Cornerstone Capital Advisors offers a comprehensive selection of loan options to meet the needs of businesses at various stages in their journey. Our Small Business Administration 90% LTV, as well as our Commercial Real Estate Financing and Working Capital Loans, are ideal for business owners looking to expand their operations or increase working capital. Our Mergers and acquisitions services provide valuable advice and support for companies seeking to grow through acquisition.

Support Throughout The Financing Period

Our commitment to your success continues once the financing is arranged. Cornerstone Capital Advisors offers ongoing support throughout the financing period. If your business circumstances change or you encounter any financial challenges, our team works with you to find solutions. Options may include restructuring your loan terms or providing additional financial advice to help you navigate difficult times.

A Partner In Your Success

By choosing Cornerstone Capital Advisors, businesses are not just securing financing—they are gaining a partner dedicated to their long-term success. From the initial consultation to the final payment, we are with you every step of the way. Our mission ensures you have the necessary resources to grow and succeed, and our comprehensive Equipment Financing Program is designed to do just that.


By opting for our equipment financing solutions, businesses can invest in the tools they need today while preserving their capital for other operational needs. This financial flexibility is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment, where the ability to adapt quickly  all the difference. Partner with Cornerstone Capital Advisors and take the first step toward a brighter, more efficient, and successful future.

Unlock your business’s full potential with Cornerstone Capital Advisors! Our tailored equipment financing options are designed to help you grow and thrive. Secure the equipment your business needs for success by calling 954-434-1296. Let’s build your future together!

Contact Cornerstone Capital Advisors Now

Cornerstone Capital Advisors’ Equipment Financing Program offers a comprehensive solution for businesses, particularly startups, that need to acquire equipment without the burden of significant upfront investment. The program enhances cash flow management and provides a roadmap to overcome financial barriers.

As a startup or growing business in need of equipment financing, we invite you to reach out to Cornerstone Capital Advisors. We’re more than just a financial institution; we’re partners invested in your success. With the right equipment in your hands, there are no limits to what your business can achieve, and we’re here to help you make it possible.

Remember, your success is our success, and together, we can build something extraordinary. Your business’s potential is vast, and with our Equipment Financing Program, we look forward to being part of your journey to success.

Equipment Financing Options

Financing Terms

We offer terms up to seven years with variable and fixed rate options depending on the situation.

Equipment Term Loans

Cornerstone Capital Advisors has been in business for almost two decades providing business owners like yourself with expert line of credit advice. We will start by providing these types of solutions for you to choose from.

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